“He’s blaming the players again”, “Empty seats won’t save you Slippy” – Stevie G is being found as reality bites Aston Villa fans

We all knew it. Of course we did.

Steven Gerrard’s record in Scotland at picking up trophies was absolutely woeful. But he got away with it because it was the ‘one’.

And for all the money that he burned through, the Celtic fans can thank him for contributing to wee Gio’s teams bubble bursting.

Because they have no money left. He has left them without a pot to p*ss in even and even after the world record sale of Nathan Patterson, they still couldn’t afford to buy anyone.

And that is why he left. Couldn’t get a tune out of his team because they all thought their mission was complete after stopping ten in a row.

And it seems now, that he is being truly found out for the charlatan of a manager that he is.

Another defeat at the weekend and Slippy is in danger of, well, slipping into the relegation zone with only nine points separating his team and third bottom.

And it is a familiar pattern that is emerging. The old ‘It’s on me‘ then proceeding to throw his players under the bus is one he got away with up here with a compliant media, but it’s not washing down south and the Villa fans are not happy:

He could prove me wrong and get it right at Villa and if he does and I get it wrong?

That’s on me………


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