Celtics European Cup win is no longer best European result in Scottish history. Listen to crazy Sevco fan call

I wrote earlier today that European football is great.

And I meant it. There’s nothing better than watching your team scud the cream of European football.

We all know how badly most of Europe’s top countries look down on our game and it’s always great when a team from Scotland steps up and gives one of them a sore face. Especially if it’s an English side.

Unfortunately for us it was the team from Govan that administered that sore face as we had to suffer a defeat but what a result it was they secured with a 4-2 away win at Dortmund.

Their fans were, quite rightly, extremely proud of the result but when asked how that result ranked in terms of historic European results by a Scottish club this guy went a bit too far:

Now, that result was brilliant. But the beat in Scottish football history?

No chance. I can think of at least 4 Celtic results better than that and a few of the dead clubs.

Even Dundee United’s win over Barcelona back in the eighties was a better result.

For Celtic?

1-0 v Barcelona

2-1 v Barcelona

2-0 away to Liverpool

1-0 home to Man U

Absolutely no doubt it was a great result.

But best ever?

Do me a favour!


  • How about 2-1 against Inter Milan in 1967?

  • Gee wiz what do they think it is did they win something , No they think they are the only football team in Scotland ., a team called Celtic And a 3.0 defeat they wear blinkers, ear defenders.
    , you would think they would have something to say about Dundee United’s 1.1 draw nothing ,if you shove celtics results up there arse they won’t accept it because they think they are the only sevco in Scotland which is true

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