“I don’t know if he’s at it” – Stunned reaction at Celtic fans incredible Postecoglou claim

Those of you that follow this blog know I like to follow some of the Celtic podcasters to get a fan reaction of what is happening at the club.

And there is none better than The Celtic Exchange.

The boys were discussing last nights performance and result when an alleged Celtic fan came out with this incredible statement.

Tino read out the comment from the ‘fan’, “Speaking of overreactions and different things of that ilk. I’m gonna bring up a comment.

I can’t not bring it up and Thomas follows us on twitter.

I don’t know if he’s at it. I really don’t I’m going to read it out anyway, ‘I think Ange was found out last night. They had less money but a far superior coach. Ange’s style, not substance. Really good in the SPFL and just naive and out his depth. Sack him. I repeat, sack him and get the Glimt coach.’

What do you think of that?”

Paddy: “I mean, aye, no problem. Go for that”

James: “Tams having a shocker!”

And it is that type of short term-ism that really gets on my nerves.

As Tino said, not a single comment from these social media dwellers when all is going well.

Not one single comment from this guy when the cup was getting lifted and the *Rangers were humped.

Opinions like these are not welcome at Celtic.

They do more harm than good.


  • Totally agree. However, you should have a read at your mate James Forrest on his blog. He’s screaming “disgrace” and lots of other non-sensical comments. Celtic get beat and it’s a disgrace…Ange has been found out…utter garbage. Glad to read that some bloggers & forums are keeping things in perspective


  • Ange my man that guy he couldn’t tell his arse from his elbow continue the way your doing things the hypocritical people they’re not in your possession

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