“If you’re fu**ing waving a Union Jack every week for God sakes, sit down” – Japan based former journalist’s outstanding take on the flag debate

You all must remember this story right? The one were a pub in Wishaw was flying a Japanese flag outside it and some *Rangers fans took issue with it and contacted the council because it was insensitive to the war dead, or something like that.

It was laughable. The boys at Celtic Down Under where discussing it when the host Jarrod, said it was reported in Australia as a joke.

If only the Aussies knew the peepul like we do because they were not joking.

Contributor to the show, Liam, who is a former journalist based in Japan had an outstanding take on this when he said, “But the thing is with Japan. Flags here are a bit of a sensitive issue.

They don’t tend to attract that much attention. The thing about the Japanese flag and the and the Japanese national anthem as well actually, is that some people think it’s kind of a throwback to wartime and whatever, and they don’t feel particularly comfortable with it.

The press here don’t run something unless it is 100% true.

Which is the opposite of the Scottish media, which is let’s make up a load of s**t to try and get people angry and get them clicking.

This thing with the pub, as far as I am aware, they have not taken down the flag. The Sun reported that they’ve been ordered to take it down by the council, according to the pub they haven’t.

Watch Liam’s brilliant take here.

So somebody is lying, and I’m gonna guess it’s more likely for The Sun.

Of all people, complaining about flags being a throwback to past imperialism.

If you’re fu**ing waving a Union Jack every week for God sakes, sit down.

That flag is more representative of more imperialism and murder than any other flag in history. So let’s not even go there boys. Come on. It’s just pathetic.”

“And what I think of as you’ve got a case of, and apologies to Rangers fans because I am going to use some big words here. A case of willful conflation.

They are deliberately confusing one flag for another when they make this complaint. And they are hoping that no one will look it up.”

“But it’s clear the intention behind the flag was to show solidarity in the Celtic signing some Japanese players. And truth be told these people are not doing this for political reasons.

They’re a bunch of angry Rangers supporters frustrated because a Japanese guy ripped their team to bits a couple of weeks ago and their ars*s are still sore from it.”

One word. Outstanding.

And it also shows up that section of the support for the petty minded cretins that they are.

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