“Like being at a funeral with no coffin there”, “Then liquidation and death” – Brilliant STV liquidation tweet gets the Celtic fan treatment

Happy Valentines Day folks. The only day of the year where we can love two things at the same time.

Our partners and comedy gold content from 2012.

Today marks the day that the Oldco was put on a life support machine.

It went into a coma like status before an eight minute discussion decided that it was for the best that the machine was switched off.

Eight minutes. Put that into contrast that the clubs fans hade eight MONTHS to try and save their club and all they dis was wave wee red cards.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of that momentous occasion that saw the biggest financial doping and cheating scandal that world football has ever seen, end.

And it is amazing to me that there are still media people that will buy into the lie that this liquidated club is still the same club.


Anyway, STV tweeted a reminder of the day Craig Whyte stood on the steps and told the fans that their clubs lights were getting switched off and it was met with all manner of glorious replies:

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