“Referees are terrified of Celtic” – Sevco fans go full, well, Sevco in their Daily Record rants

These fans are funny as hell.

For all their bluster and bravado, the truth is, they simply cannot stand that Celtic could win the league this year.

They refused to believe that the Hoops had a hope in hell this season. After all, we were managerless, captainless and CEO-less.

We were in a mess. They were at least two seasons ahead of us.

That was until Ange Postecoglou stepped in.

Now it has finally dawned on them that we have a proper manager, they are going full scale moonhowling and this latest offering from The Record Hotline is top class.

From refereeing intimidation (remind me who sent and eight page dossier to the SFA again?) to somehow coercing the league to bring forward the winter shutdown, these guys have lost the plot:

 Chris Lowe, Yoker: “Do Celtic play with a different set of rules from the rest of the league where offside goals are allowed to count, players don’t get booked for going into the crowd after scoring and that’s before we get to the fouls committed to booking ratio?

“In the last two games Celtic committed 30 fouls but only got two bookings. The stats are there for all to see. Officials are keeping Celtic in this league with their lenient actions towards them.

“Get VAR in now, referees are terrified of Celtic.”

John Bruce said: “In an attempt to ensure a win in their first Old Firm game in almost two-and-a-half years, Celtic took advantage of every situation at their disposal to gain any kind of advantage they could. Just as they took advantage of their superior resources in a severely weakened league to steam-roller teams and win league titles for several unchallenged seasons.

“Now their fans believe that they are ‘world-class’ – again. But, just like last season, their arrogance and hubris will be their downfall.

“Come the end of the season, Rangers will prove the old adage that ‘being honest is always fruitful’.”

George Wilson, West Sussex, said: “If it’s really swings and roundabouts and it’s true about things levelling out over time then Rangers will soon be back at the top of the league.

“Celtic have had a run of luck with late goals and appalling refereeing decisions going in their favour.

“The general standard of refereeing in Scotland is appalling but Celtic have had their fair share of luck and decisions lately.

But a Celtic fan summed it all up superbly. Step up Gordon Ashley, Ayr: “In 40 years of watching Celtic I don’t think I have ever seen the Rangers support as terrified as they are this season.

Total paranoia and referee intimidation with the latest round of their laughable mud-slinging being blown out of the water by ex-referees.

Officials must stand strong against this garbage.”

Nail. On. Head Gordon.


  • Notice how theres no howling about the wrestling move on Porteous there, completely ignored, even though the ref was only 10 yards away – VAR will over a season get us an extra 10 points with the decisions, particularly the ignored assaults on our players, it will probably cost transgers a similar number of points given the number of decisions that go their way.

    Does anyone know who or why its being delayed yet again?


  • I think you would like to see all the referees only supporting sevco well I don’t think they would allow the refs to wear. Their orange sashes . Anyway why panic it lookes as though we will win the league ,
    So why panic

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