“This is a Top 10 SMSM tweet of all-time imo” – The time a BBC reporter got rinsed trying to deny Celtic fans stand against fascism

This popped up on my timeline because of a guy I follow on Twitter.

I almost scrolled past it but took a double take and decided to have a wee look.

Now, to be fair, it was a tweet from over two years ago but it still resonates now with me today as it did back then at how the SMSM report anything to with Celtic either on a negative slant, or so as not to give credit where it is due.

October 2019, Celtic faced Lazio in the Europa League where the Hoops recorded a famous 2-1 win for their first ever win in Europe on Italian soil.

The Celtic fans hit the headlines for their protest and stand against Mussolini.

It was how it was described by BBC reporter Chris McLaughlin that caught the eye:

Brilliant isn’t it. Now I could go on and try and make other spurious comparisons about other historical figures in history that were responsible for horrific crimes against humanity but I wont.

Instead, I’ll leave you with the Celtic fans destroying McLaughlin in some brilliantly worded replies:


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