“Careful what you wish for”, “He’s raging!”, “Get well soon” – Alex Rae has another twitter nightmare

See if I was Alex Rae, I would give up on twitter.

Not because of the abuse he gets on it but because he clearly learns no lessons.

Just a week prior to the Glasgow Derby, Rae sent out a twitter message pleading for an update on Kyogo’s injury by trying to belittle Ange Postecoglou.

He was roundly roasted for it, and rightly so.

It was a sing of desperation from a supposed pundit who is paid to give an impartial opinion on Scottish football and for all the will in the world, he simply cannot do it.

Take his latest twitter offering:

A clear reference to some decision at Pittodrie, that if VAR was used, Aberdeen’s first goal would have been ruled out for a foul by Scott Brown, Jota’s goal would not have been ruled offside, an Aberdeen player would have seen red for a challenge on Abada and a penalty would have been given against Celtic for O’Riley’s challenge on Lewis Ferguson.

If VAR was in play, Hibs would have also got a penalty at Ibrox that, strangely, no one is talking about. Including Rae.

However, his latest blubberings attracted attention, and the responses? Have a look:

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