“Excellent column” – Roger Hannah’s bizarre Kris Boyd defence as S*n journalist circles the wagons

Never thought I’d be writing this if I am honest.

Roger Hannah is generally a very balanced journalist (considering who he works for) but his comments on the Kris Boyd/Callum McGregor storm leave a lot to be desired.

A perfect opportunity to, maybe, fire a wee bit of advice to his colleague at The S*n regarding the comments on the Celtic captain, Hannah instead chose to seemingly try and defend the former Rangers striker when he was asked about Boyd’s comments on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

The journalist said, “I don’t think there was anything to make up for and Callum says he was absolutely fine.

Excellent column.

The funny thing about it is the 900 word column in The Scottish Sun last Friday morning was being critical of Rangers’ performance in the Old F*rm game.

It was all really criticism of Rangers. It certainly was not criticism of Callum McGregor, who was outstanding in the game, as Kris reflected in the column.

I think he then reflected, Kris, he thought he maybe to clarify what be meant had he then spoke to Callum.

Callum was very mature, he knew what Kris mean initially and is absolutely fine with the whole thing.

He has drawn a line under it.

And I’m pretty sure everyone has drawn a line under it now.”

Excellent column? Now I read it, and even if you take out the Callum McGregor part, it was hardly excellent.

But his choice of words and choosing to defend Boyd, because that’s exactly what he’s done here, reflects poorly on Hannah who, like I said earlier, is usually a very balanced and professional pundit on the show.

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