“There’s always a tweet”, “They’re clapping blue seats!” – Hilarious Ibrox team photo ripped apart

We all know what happens at the end of every single Celtic game don’t we?

It’s been happening probably more prominently since the Brendan Rodgers era, but it is an integral part of the Celtic way of showing appreciation for the fans.

Every single game it happens and, of course, the blue side of the city tried to claim the team was doing a ‘lap of honour’.

Lying just comes naturally to that lot eh?

Well, this one Rangers fan tried to claim this back in January with this tweet:

But it seems as his own club copied this after yesterday’s 5-0 win over Hearts, he realised his mistake and deleted it but not before he was rinsed by this fan:

Apart from the stadium being almost empty when they tried it, you would have thought, at the very least, after winning 5-0 their own fans would have stayed to show their appreciation.

I guess that’s what happens when the supporters feel entitled:

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