“Mate…gonnae drop the misogyny” – Stunning blue on blue as Sevco fan incredibly trolls former Rangers Women player

I mean, it’s one thing giving stick to your rivals players on Twitter. As long it’s all in good humour and doesn’t cross the line, then I’m all for it.

Hell, I do it enough on here for the blue team at Ibrox but it’s definitely another when it comes to your on team.

Now, I’m not saying fans should not give stick to their own players if they are not playing well enough, again, as long as it’s respectful and derogatory, it’s all part of the game.

But for a Rangers fan to take to twitter to troll his own with misogynistic comments is too far. And it even had Celtic fans raking him for it.

Sonia Maria is an Ecuadorian international and former Rangers Women’s star. She took to twitter to post a selfie when it was met with this reply:

Well it was met with incredulity on the social media site and even Celtic fans rounded to condemn the posters sexist remarks:

Their Everyone Anyone campaign is going well.

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