“I can hear yous laughing at me in the background” – Listen to Clyde presenters deride Sevco fans Celtic conspiracy theory

As far as conspiracy theories go, this one was class.

Wednesday’s defeat in The Glasgow Derby has hurt these guys deeply. They will never admit it, but when you hear a call like this, you just know the pain is bubbling close to the surface and it’s only a matter of time until the masks slips.

This guy that called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard doesn’t even have a mask. In fact, there was no mask.

He is just plain mental when he called the show (whilst his team was still playing!) to come up with this gem of a theory:

Poor Andy. All said with complete seriousness and any self awareness. Not only was his conspiracy blown out the water by the presenter, Gordon Duncan, but as his side led 4-0 after facing a weakened Hearts side who chose to not field Souttar, his complete lack of self awareness is mind bendingly stupid.

Andy needs to go have a lie down. Heaven help him if Celtic do go on to win the league.

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  • If everyone was as suspicious as Andy then they’d be asking why Hearts dropped their two main centre backs from the squad altogether against sevco yesterday. Once he was proved wrong instead of accepting the fact he doubled down on his theory, mind you that club and it’s support don’t do well when it comes to the truth and there’s no substituting stupidity either. Our win against them on Wednesday night has broken them, there was a time we were called paranoid but a great deal of what we claimed could be substantiated. It’s abundantly clear that the SFA and SPFL facilitated Rangers in their cheating EBT years and granting them a European license when it was clear they didn’t meet the criteria and it cost Celtic money and titles too. It’s also true that they’re doing the same with sevco a ten year old club who haven’t turned a profit once in their existence. Financially doped and surviving on soft loans from directors and share issues that have rendered their shares worthless but still they’re allowed to get away with this malfeasance. The corporate governance of Scottish football needs gutted from top to bottom as it’s cheating the other thirty nine clubs in the league, the corruption is there for all to see yet not one club questions the two governing bodies. I feel if the 6th floor at Hampden was raided what Rangers 1872 got away with in the EBT years would merely by the tip of the iceberg.

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