Davie Provan and Barry Ferguson refuse to condemn Kris Boyd’s McGregor comments

For me this is unsurprising.

Well, maybe not both comments because you would expect Barry Ferguson to stick up for his mate but Davie Provan has seriously let himself down here.

Both were asked on The Go Radio Football Show about Kris Boyd’s comments that Callum McGregor’s injury should have been tested in the Glasgow Derby and what they had to say about it was very disappointing.

Davie Provan proved that he is stuck in the dark ages when he said, “Certainly in my day, if we’re play Rangers and a Rangers player is wearing a mask and obviously has an injury, you would be saying, you know, don’t be walking on eggshells around him.

Don’t be doing him any favours. Don’t be standing off him because he’s wearing a mask and he’s got an injury. You get a chance, you go and physically compete with him.”

No condemnation. Nothing. It actually sounded to me as if he was justifying his comments and he refused to condemn him again when asked again later in the show.

Barry Ferguson was no better as he stuck for ‘Boydy’, “I don’t think there’s any malice. I said that earlier on, in his comments, and I don’t think he’s meaning that he wanted that he wanted a Rangers player to go hurt Callum McGregor.

And I was similar when we played Celtic a couple of weeks ago. There was a couple of miss timed tackles, no doubt about it.

But I just wanted my team to be physical against Celtic. Because if you’re not physical against Celtic they will absolute batter ye.

That was my reasons.

The same with Boydy. I know Boydy inside out.

He won’t mean it in a way that he wanted Callum McGregor to be hurt.

Because he’s commented on how well Callum McGregor has actually done.”

Oh well that’s alright then. He said McGregor played well so he CLEARLY didn’t mean that the Celtic captain should have been targeted.

Pair of embarrassments the two of them.

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