“Is this Ryan Jacks uncle?” – Listen to Clyde 1 presenter deride Sevco fans ‘Celtic were nothing’ claim

Yeah I suppose if I was hurting this bad I would try and phone a radio station after getting pumped 3-0 off your city rivals and find anything, just something, to try and throw mud at.

Actually, I wouldn’t. Because I am not an idiot.

And neither are the majority of Rangers fans when it comes to analysing a game of football.

Celtic were dominant. Supreme in every area on Wednesday night.

Not even the most staunch *Rangers fans is that stupid to even argue that.

Except Ross, from Bearsden. Ross called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard after the game and made this claim:

Simply brilliant! The reason *Rangers looked better in the second half is because Celtic took their foot off the gas and I really wish they didn’t. I wish they had humiliated them.

But instead, I’ll leave that to Ross who did a pretty good job of humiliating himself as he signed off:

What’s the betting Ross defends statues?

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