Chris Sutton’s horrendous Twitter abuse as Sevco fans plunge into despair

Got to love big Chris Sutton.

The man just knows what buttons to push on the *Rangers supporters.

His trolling of them on twitter is so easy, it’s embarrassing.

But not as embarrassing as their reactions to it.

As we all know, about 99% of what Sutton puts on twitter is banter. Good fun designed to get a rise out of *Rangers fans and give us Celtic fans something to laugh about.

But sometimes, no scratch that, pretty much all the time, the abuse he gets back goes way over the top.

Last night, Sutton had a wee dig at *Rangers after the match and it hooked some right belters:

And rather than take it as it is given, just banter, these ‘fans’ always take it that one step further:

There is just no shaming that lot is there!

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  • There is nothing quite so stinking as a currant bun who reacts with filth like that. You can smell the stench of them decaying.

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