“That’s genuinely embarrassing”, “Ravanelli to Dundee was bigger” – Celtic fans rinse Kris Boyd’s latest Sky shambles

This guy.

He is a genuine red neck. The skidmark of punditry.

Even watching him in this clip talking about Aaron Ramsey and the intricacies of the deal as if he knows that he’s talking about is cringeworthy.

As Born Celtic revealed earlier today, the real reasons for Aaron Ramsey going to Rangers wasn’t for the ones that he had given.

But as Kris Boyd spewed his speech onto our screens, whilst unnervingly taking small glances at the camera (what is that all about?) he has shown once again, that his analysis and coverage of our game is so bad, it tells you that Sky still don’t take Scottish football seriously.

Not motivated by money as the guy is on £400k a week and within Rangers wage structure.

Two quotes that tells you itself that this guy shouldn’t be anywhere near Sky Sports.

What’s a coop?

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