“I’m not being disrespectful” – Clyde 1 pundit does a Joey Barton and makes incredible Callum McGregor claim

The signing of Aaron Ramsey has sent the media and the fans of *Rangers (and Juventus) a little bit loopy.

With claims from the blue half of the city claiming this could be a game changer in terms of the destination of the league title, Clyde 1 pundit Marvin Bartley went just that one step further.

Speaking on the show, Bartley said, “Of course, just the injuries. You know if he can stay fit he’ll be a fantastic signing.

I think he still is at the peak of his powers. I think it’s just not worked out for him at Juventus.

These things happen in football. If he can stay injury free I really do think, I’m not being disrespectful, he’s going to be above every other centre midfielder in this league.

And I rate Callum McGregor hugely. I really, really do.

But I just think Aaron Ramsey is just another level. I think he would be the best centre midfielder in our league.”

Ehhhh. Whit? Really? A guy that can’t manage over 20 full games a season will all of a sudden become the best midfielder in the league.

It’s this type of nonsense that really makes these pundits look like a laughing stock.

Remember what Joey Barton said when he came to Scotland? How did that work out?

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