Robbie Nielsen shows two faces in last nights incredible post match interviews

Listening to Robbie Nielson in last nights Sky post match interview, he was calm, measured and professional.

He refused to be drawn into the referee debate and was even magnanimous about the offside goals.

Have a listen:

Then compare and contrast to this interview completed by BBC Sportsound where it was open season and the Hearts manager brags about how he thinks he influenced their own offside goal:
A truly stunning difference in interview techniques where Nielson had the balls to make those comments.

And what does it say about the state of the game where a manager clearly believes that if he has a chat with the referee to complain about decisions, he can materially influence the swing of the game.

That Hearts goal last night could have been the difference of which way the league title swings.

The SFA need to take action either on the Hearts manager or at the very least , their own referee’s who clearly don’t have the backbone to enforce the Associations own rules.

Maybe it will get discussed at their next lud……I mean, monthly review.

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