“Months rather than weeks” – Mark Guidi makes Kyogo prediction after he made a rather strange Sevco claim

This is probably the kind of news Celtic can do without.

Mark Guidi made a prediction on the state of Kyogo Furuhashi’s injury on The Go Radio Football Show which will leave the Celtic fans worried, “I think with Maeda being away also and Furuhashi, it’s not been confirmed how long he is out for, but the suspicion is that it could be months rather than weeks.

“But again,  we’ll get a better update of that tomorrow.

Now that sounds a bit like speculation to me. Which is strange. Because at the start of the show Guidi claimed that he doesn’t like to speculate when talking about a recent Rangers transfer story, “I have to be honest, I’ve no idea what fee Hearts have offered I don’t know what Rangers have offered or what Hearts are looking for.

I don’t like to speculate unless I’ve got a decent bit of knowledge, but I don’t”

Wait! What? So it’s ok to speculate on how long Kyogo is likely to be injured for but not about a story involving Rangers? Have I got that right?

So I imagine Guidi has knowledge of Kyogo’s injury? He can’t or else he wouldn’t have said we’ll get a ‘better update tomorrow’.

This is coming from a guy who spent all last summer telling everyone that Eddie Howe is signing for the club in a matter of days. For weeks he told us that. And what happened there?

The problem I have with journalists is their lack of consistency. It seems that maybe Guidi maybe just doesn’t want to upset the boys from Ibrox. Because that would be a massive waste of a £25,000 access fee now wouldn’t it?

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