“Inflicted pain on you for a whole decade” – Sevco trolls crass McGregor tweet expertly ripped apart by Celtic fans

They just don’t know when to shut up do they? Even in the midst of their own injury problems, the noisy neighbours from across the water still think they rule Scottish football after winning one trophy in 10 years and accumulating over £100m in losses in that time.

The delusions of grandeur from the Ibrox crowd are simply astounding.

It smacks of wee man syndrome and it’s not even funny. It;s embarrassing.

Even to the point that this guy took to social media to tweet a weird and random post aimed at Celtic captain Callum McGregor after he was ruled out of the Glasgow Derby with his facial injury:

One game in ten years McGregor made a mistake and somehow this moron has him painted as some sort of weak link in the Celtic team during a Glasgow Derby.

But then, I suppose SIX League titles and League Cups and FOUR Scottish Cups does dull the pain of that one moment that he seems to be celebrating. But to be fair, they haven’t had THAT much to celebrate over the years and this twitter user was swiftly reminded of that by the Celtic fans:

Noisy neighbours right enough.

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