“Do you hear how serious an accusation that is?” – Radio presenters stunned reaction to Celtic fans Barry Ferguson claim

This is a story that is simply not going to go away anytime soon.

The aftermath and fallout of the Scottish Cup tie against Alloa continues to have ramifications in the Scottish game as Mouhamed Niang is served a notice of complaint over his tackle of Yosuke Ideguchi.

The Alloa midfielder faces a two game retrospective ban following the complaint but it didn’t stop this Celtic fan calling Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and he left the host speechless after this claim when he was asked if Celtic will struggle without Callum McGregor, “Hopefully not but I just wanted to come on and say that the referee’s need to protect the players a bit better.

“Obviously the challenges at the weekend were reckless.

“I also think Barry Ferguson set his team up to go out there and assault the Celtic players knowing that the Old F*rm is coming up.” 

Host Gordon Duncan seemed stunned when he replied, “Do you hear how serious an accusation that is? 

“I know that football fans get very heated up, but how could you possibly know that or make any sort of calculated assessment?

“You think Barry Ferguson set his team out to assault Celtic players?”

And the fan was unrepentant as he continued, “Yes, well, I was actually at the game myself on Saturday and it was a terrible game to watch.

“Obviously there was tackles firing in all over the shop.

“We walked away with three injuries. Callum McGregor has got a fractured eye socket. Guchi is out as well.

“Something needs to be done about it because it’s just getting worse.”

And the fan is correct. It is getting worse. How many notices of complaints have Celtic supporters watch being served after a referee had missed a blatant red card on the day of the game?

Too many. And it’s time for the Celtic board to call it out.

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