The Hearts fan Gerrard tweet that delighted Celtic support and triggered Sevco fans

Remember when Stevie G bolted from Govan the minute a club from the EPL was interested in him?

I am certain he never even looked at the contract he was offered such was the speed that he left Ibrox for Villa.

Maybe it was the drink in the very strange and weird Loving Cup ceremony that did it for him?

However, when he did leave we were all subjected to the fantastical and beautiful stories of how he was ‘set’ to raid Ibrox for all their superstars and whisk them all to the promised land of the EPL.

But strangely, none of that has happened yet.

And in case anyone is in any doubt, here are a couple of stories that were doing the rounds:

The rate and speed that these stories appeared was frightening. So was the figures mentioned. Check this one out:

But it was this tweet, from a Hearts fan, that was the ending of them and the beginning of yet another rinsing of the Sevco support:

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