“So that’s when it expires? Thanks mate.” – Another classic Ange one liner at Clyde 1 reporters daft question

They will learn one day. Maybe.

And as Ange continues to batter back daft questions with his brilliant one liners then we, as Celtic fans, will get to enjoy and laugh as the Hoops gaffer continues to make them look stupid.

At todays official media conference, Ange took a question from Clyde 1 reporter Gabriel Antoniazzi when he asked, ” Looking ahead to tomorrow night then it is Hearts. It’s the same fixture you had on the first day of the season. You lost that night but you think this will be a marker of how far you’ve come in the six, seven months you’ve been here?

Now I get why Ange is unhappy with these types of questions. The team that played Hearts on that first day of the season is a shadow of what it is now. That and the fact he has won silverware already should tell Gabriel that Ange knows exactly were his team are at.

But here we are. Talking about silly questions again. And here we reporting back on another classic from Ange as he said, “It’s a fourth time of playing them. When does the statute of limitations expire on that?

Gabriel, rather uneasily replied, “Just because it’s eh, the first time back at Tynecastle.”

Ange then replied, “Okay? All right. Okay. So that’s when it expires?

Okay, Thanks mate. All right. Thank you.

Yeah, obviously it was a different start for us. There’s no point sort of regurgitating everything, the way at that time, we kind of know the situation we were in and what we had to deal with, with players coming in, going out, you know, is a very sort of less than settled, period, for us.

I still thought we performed okay on the day. We lost narrowly but obviously wasn’t a great way to start the league.

But you know I think we’re a different team now. We have been for quite a while to be fair in the last sort of couple of weeks, And as I said, it’s the fourth time we’re going to play them so we kinda know what we’re gonna get.”

You can listen to the question here:

It is little wonder Ange get’s exasperated with the Scottish media.

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