“Overall my boys done themselves proud” – Listen as Barry Ferguson doubles down over Alloa challenges

Well this was something so it was.

As we all know, Alloa manager Barry Ferguson is a regular guest on The Go Radio Football Show and he was asked by presenter, Rob McLean about Celtic striker, Giorgos Giakoumakis comments about his teams performance in the Scottish Cup tie on Saturday night.

Have a listen to what Barry said:

And for those that can’t listen, the former Rangers captain said, “First and foremost I was disappointed to read that if I’m being honest with you.

One thing about my players is that they are a hundred percent committed.

They don’t go out, trying to hurt fellow professionals.

I asked them before the game to be aggressive, get in Celtics faces and try to make it as uncomfy as possible for them.

But in terms of trying to hurt players, that’s not in my make up. 

“If I thought any my players were up to no good, they wouldn’t be playing in my team. So a bit disappointed at the comments from Giakoumakis if I’m being honest with you.

“But listen, overall it was a good day for us as a team in terms of the quality that Celtic have got.

The way that we played was no ideal in my book. We sat off the to try and frustrate them because if we open up, Celtic are that good a team, with quality players, they could score a number of goals.

“And so it was, it was an interesting last 10 minutes. Once we got the goal back and just a wee bit disappointed that maybe we could have took it into extra time.

“But listen, overall, my boys have done themselves proud.”

He asked them to be aggressive and get in Celtic’s faces. Well Barry, they certainly did that for you.

Just ask Callum McGregor.

Alloa were a disgrace on Saturday night and if there is one thing Barry can take from this is that he needs to address how he instructs his players because they took his direction quite literally.

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