“It is an absolute joke” – Charlie Nicholas surprises Celtic fans with full on Sevco attack

Referees are always going to be contentious subject in Scottish football.

Celtic fans feel as though the men in black have too much of an Ibrox connection to be able to do their jobs correctly and *Rangers fans only feel aggrieved when a decision goes against their team that normally wouldn’t happen.

Like penalties. And red cards.

Of course I am being (slightly) facetious, but you all catch the drift.

But when a normally anti Celtic commenter like Charlie Nicholas breaks ranks and full on attacks the Govan club, then that’s when you know things are bad.

Speaking in his Daily Express column [cited by 67 Hail Hail], Nicholas said, “If I was the Rangers manager, I would be more focused on my own players and asking why they got caught up in things, with Dons captain Scott Brown especially.

Why did they take the bait and get involved in it?

“Yes, Clancy had a poor game and got a lot of decisions wrong but it certainly wasn’t one-sided.

Aberdeen should have been awarded a penalty when Ryan Hedges was caught by the leg of on-rushing Allan McGregor after the Aberdeen forward had knocked the ball past the Gers keeper when through on goal.

There are plenty of times when Rangers get the benefit of the doubt but you never see them coming out to acknowledge such instances.

“Yet, they don’t hesitate to make their grievances public when they think they’ve been the victims of an injustice. It is an absolute joke.

My first reaction to Rangers contacting the SFA was that this is a club trying to exert their authority by throwing their weight around when things don’t go their way.”

Not holding back and it seems that sentiment is being shared by many Celtic fans judging by the look on social media.

And he’s not the first to come out and slide tackle *Rangers over their conduct this week.

Strange days indeed.

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  • All this bluster from sevco is a sideshow hiding the real issue that they’re ruined financially. At a conservative guess they’re well over £100 million in debt and even getting the Champion’s League windfall will do little to help their cause as the support will expect them to spend big with that money, if, and it’s a big if, they get it. I honestly can’t see them lasting into next season if they don’t win this league title and that’s the real reason for the classic deflection tactics that are currently going on. They needn’t worry though as they’ll just liquidate this club too and start again, it’s not as if they haven’t got form for it. If they do go under again we have to hold their head under water for good and make sure they don’t come back up for air this time.

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