Daily Record deletes incredible lie as referee article debunked by Celtic fan

We all saw the report right?

The one were The Daily Record claimed that Kevin Clancy was ‘axed’ due to *Rangers making a complaint about his performance at Pittodrie.

I was going to post it here but all I have is this timestamp:

Daily Record Sport (@Record_Sport) tweeted at 5:29 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2022:
BREAKING! Kevin Clancy AXED as Rangers row referee misses out on full Scottish Premiership card

But rather interestingly, the lie was replaced with this effort where they now claim he is ‘missing‘ for this round of Premiership fixtures.

Complete fabrication which was called out many times on social media but expertly took apart by this Celtic fan:

So what exactly were The Daily Record hoping to achieve here?

Just plain and simple clickbait? Lying for the club in Govan to make it look as if they have the power over the SFA?

Whatever it was it is utterly embarrassing and cringeworthy that all it took was a simple look at the fixtures to see why Clancy wasn’t on the rosta.

And some people in that profession call the bloggers clickbait.

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