“The positives? Aw God” – The pain of Scott Brown prompted this hilarious Rangers Radio response

Man I could get a whole week of content from Scott Brown.

And he’s not even playing for us.

One thing is for sure. He has destroyed them. Has them on toast.

Brown’s s**thousery has really broke the Rangers fans to such an extent that when one called Rangers Radio he clearly had a few shandies.

As the presenter asked the caller to point out the positives from the Aberdeen game, the guy said, “The positives? Aw God.

That’s a good question mate. I’ve got to say my son.

He drank a bottle of brandy. I just poured him into a taxi.”

Have a listen below (23m 30s).

Scott Brown has really broken their fans. Even in the red of Aberdeen, he is still living rent free in their heads.

The pain is incredible. The laughter? Amazing.

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