“Bringing the game into disrepute” – Marvin Bartley’s brilliant response to more Scott Brown Sevco crying

Scott Brown really has gotten under their skins hasn’t he.

No matter the colour of jersey Scott Brown wears, he still lives, rent free in their heads. And it is magical.

Dropping two vital points in the title race really has set the cat amongst the pigeons of the *Rangers supporters.

Or was it the penalty given against them? Or was it the red card? Or a combination of all three perhaps?

Whatever is was, it prompted this Rangers fans to claim Broony is bringing the game into disrepute when he called Clyde 1 SSB. Listen to Marvin’s repsonse:

“Scott Brown doing Scott Brown things”. You could just imagine the how that goes down in Edminston Way.

An outstanding response to a fan base that is, quite frankly, spent all week embarrassing itself over one man and two dropped points.

I think the tide is turning in Glasgow. I think they know it as well.

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  • Dry your eyes sevco supporter’s your main man morelos gets away with murder on the football pitch start paying your queen’s taxes then use can start calling yourselves a real football club

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