“Wrong for both teams?”, “The pain” – Alex Rae confused Celtic & Sevco fans with Aberdeen tweet

Strange wee guy is Alex.

Not only does he find it hard to disguise his hatred for Celtic, even after looking at an incident that pretty much every pundit in the country thinks was a penalty denied to Aberdeen, he still can’t be impartial or honest with himself.

It is as blatant a penalty as you will ever see:

But Alex decided that in his infinite wisdom, the referee got the right calls wrong and the wrong calls right.

Makes sense right?

Not often he gets is wrong for both teams?

What exactly did he get wrong for *Rangers?

Ah right, I get it. He sent off one of their players (correctly) and awarded Aberdeen a penalty (correctly).

Wait, what?

Doesn’t really matter what I think though does it? He got telt anyway:

Poor Rae. Copped it from both sides this time.

Oh well. Never mind!

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