Aberdeen fan’s Scott Brown tweet prompts unbelievable Alex Rae comparison and brilliant EBT response

Yeah. You read it right.

There was genuinely no other way to put the headline.

Well, that’s not strictly true. I could have put “Kid on Sevco fan gets sectioned for f**kwittery” but I would probably have needed to sack myself!

The Aberdeen fans are loving Scott Brown. Hell, we all are.

And going by this tweet, this guy REALLY loves him.

But the tweet prompted a really weird response from this guy and without giving anything away, have a read at this thread:

It’s incredible that in England, they measure a player on how they did in their soulless league.

Brown is a legend of the Scottish game. I bet he would rather have his cupboard full of medals than Alex Rae’s sideboard drawer stuffed with brown envelopes……..

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  • Years ago when Brown was again being linked with a move to england Scott Brown replied to a journalist, “ I’m Celtics Captain, why would I move anywhere”.
    Scott Brown Celtic and Scottish Legend.

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