“Scott Brown referee’s that game”, “Ruining Sevvies lives” – Celtic fans hilarious response to Heart & Hand’s implosion after Pittodrie disaster

I love this content.

The pain and loathing after dropping points knowing they received no help from the referee must cause a tiny vessel to burst in their even tinier minds.

It’s brilliant. It’s like a zombie apocalypse (pun is very much intended).

And what better way to gauge opinion than using the clubs official media partner, Heart & Hand.

After the 1-1 draw against Aberdeen, who did they focus their ire on? Kent for getting sent off? Don’t be daft.

Gio for his tactics. Nope (but Follow Follow did and that is class as well).

Of course, they focused on the referee.

And I’m trying to wonder exactly what Clancy did wrong?

No wait. He applied the rules of the game fairly to them. Well almost. But let’s forget McGregor’s wipe out of the Aberdeen player in the first half.

So, in correction, he almost applied the rules fairly to them. Small gains make large margins.

And Celtic fans do what they do best:

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