“You stood back and watched it happened” – Outstanding Hearts fan tweet breaks Sevco social media

Every so often a fan of another club breaks out and reminds the pretenders from Govan where they really come from.

And when it happens, it actually annoys them more than when Celtic fans say it.

Because when another set of fans remind the Rangers supporters of the part they had to play in their old clubs death, it obliterates their usual pithouse replies of ‘obsessed’ or child abuse comments.

Plus if another set of fans believe they are a new club, then how can they counter that?

A Hearts fan on Twitter sent a frustrated message on Twitter about trying to converse with them on the platform and judging by the reaction to it, it not only sent waves of agreement throughout the social media platform, it also sent the Govan fans wild with rage:

And you know what? I agree with him. Now I know you’ll say ‘shock horror a Celtic blogger agrees that Rangers fans are……’ blah blah but I have genuinely tried. And it is not possible to have a normal interaction with any of them.

You can see from the reaction, it sparked a wee surge towards Andy’s account and here are the best of them:


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