“I was worried”, “This would be a disaster” – Follow Follow meltdown over wee Alfie Glasgow Derby dilemma. They’re not so cocky now

What a strange bunch these guys are. Any other football fan in the country would be happy that one of their players gets a call up to the national team.

But then every other fan in the country wanted an early winter shut down so they could get to games.

Well, not EVERY other fan.

These fans are a special kind.

Raging when fans are locked out. Raging when fans get in.

Raging when wee Alfie gets a national snub. Raging when he does.

I’m sure ‘permarage’ is a word right?

Well as the news that wee Alfie is set for an emergency call up to the Colombian national team, the good news came with the bad news for the ugly one that he could miss the upcoming Glasgow Derby because of it.

No problem right? Cause we’re sh**ebags and they can pummel us anywhere, anytime. Right?

But not without wee Freddo it seems.

They are not happy the the ‘not bound for Newcastle’ striker could miss out:


Blow torch and brass neck anyone?

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