“Never let them forget”, “What a sad state of affairs”, “Cowardly behaviour” – Celtic fans, MSP AND Chris Sutton lambast Sevco Directors ‘warning’

We all know why *Rangers cut ticket allocations for Celtic in the Glasgow Derby.

Of course we do.

They can run with the lie that it was to sell season tickets to their own fans all they want, but they were fed up of Celtic scudding them and watching the Hoops fans party in the Broomloan twice, sometimes three times a season.

Well Rangers chairman Stewart Robertson addressed the issue of away fans and the reintroduction of proper away crowds and his response was typical, “How do you change that back? Those supporters have renewal rights.

“You have a challenge there in changing that.

“It’s not something I see changing in the short term, I certainly don’t see it changing in the short term.”

Well no s**t Sherlock.

Clearly these idiots never thought their plan through when they started their tit for tat school playground nonsense.

The pettiness of that club knows no bounds.

We will never see a return to a proper derby atmosphere for years to come.

Och let’s face it.

The REAL Derby atmosphere died when they did.

This Derby is just a tribute act……………

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