Hearts fans shameful sectarian tweet is lauded by the Sevco support. Everyone Anyone?

Some things should remain where they are. In the past.

Like past misdemeanours of sectarianism and bigotry.

As the country tries to move past all this nonsense, certain elements of society just can’t seem to let it go. Or be a grown up and leave well alone.

A Hearts fan posted a video from the Scottish Cup semi final from 2005.

A minute’s silence was being observed for the passing of the Pope, when the Hearts fans started singing The Billy Boys the referee at the time abandoned the silence after just 22s.

Now if this had happened nowadays, it would be roundly (and rightly) condemned.

But two things annoy me about this. The first that it was posted in the first place. But secondly, there are still knuckle draggers that celebrate that song and footage as if it is some badge of honour.

And it is not surprising where the support for the tweet has come from.

Forget surprising. It’s embarrassing. If you want to see the video you can find it here. But here are some of the shameful replies to it:

There really is no shaming them in this day and age.

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