“You’re frightened to say it tho” – The latest Tom English tweet called out by Celtic fans

This winter break has been a God send hasn’t?

It has allowed us to strengthen and clear up all our injuries so we can face the rest of the season sharp and with all our players in fine form.

Whoever organised it should be given a massive pat on the back from the Celtic board and Ange Postecoglou.

Wait, it wasn’t just Celtic that voted for it? No way!

And here I thought we controlled Scottish football. *Spoiler alert. We do*

But all joking aside, it seems the early intervention by the SPFL clubs has worked and for those that voted against it (*Rangers and Ross County), they were called out on it by Tom English.

Well. Almost.

Almost called out on it.

Tom took to twitter to celebrate the crowd ban being lifted by saying:

He ALMOST put it in the tweet. Almost. All he had to do was put, “Most people except *Rangers and Ross County recognised it at the time“. That was all.

But his courage fell short and Celtic twitter asked him why:

And I’ll just leave this one here:

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