“If Ajax can do it, so can Rangers” – Listen to Sevco fans brilliant delusion after one player sale

Yeah I know. The headline pretty much sums it all up.

One player sale of note and now they are the world champions of the transfer market.

Not since they sold some no mark to a club for £2m (was it Waghorn?) have the Ibrox club had any success in the transfer window selling players for any kind of money and now they strike it lucky with one, they are set to dominate the world’s transfer policy by, no prizes for guessing what they are going to do, buying young players and selling them for a profit.

If only some other Scottish club had thought of that idea. I better get on the phone to Michael Nicholson and tell him about this world exclusive.

But not only have Celtic been doing exactly that for well over a decade, Ajax are the embodiment of this model. They have been doing it since what? The seventies?

Now Rangers, after one transfer are set to copy them. Right now. No messing about. Cause they are a bigger club.

Yep. This Sevco fan called in Clyde Superscoreboard and said it. Have a listen. Radio gold:

The presenters were stunned and had to tell the guy to cool his jets.

I like the fact that clubs, even if it is them, are now seeing decent returns for players.

For too long we got mugged by England when they poached our top talents for pennies.

But come on. Learn to walk before you can run.

But this lot have always been deluded.

That’s why we love laughing at them so much.

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