“By far the worst highlight reel of any footballer” – Celtic fans destroy homemade Patterson tribute video

This is simply brilliant.

In an attempt to try and prove how good Nathan Patterson is ahead of his ‘whatever the amount is’ move to Everton, a Rangers fans created a highlight reel of the Scotland defenders ‘best bits’.

Now, normally when these things are done you include goals, key passes, brilliant tackles, something that makes you site up and go ,’Wow! This is a player’.

This video had none of the above and, to be fair, it made me think of something after I watched it.

Have Everton just been robbed?

Now, I am not daft. I know Patterson is a good player. Of course he is, but this Rangers fan just made one of the brightest prospects in Scottish football look bang average and it drew a brilliant response from all football fans, not just Celtic fans.

Have a watch:

And the replies? They were actually sharper than Patterson’s football skills in the video:

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