“More lies David” – Tanner absolutely rinsed for his embarrassing Sevco love in

This Nathan Patterson tweet has really set the cat amongst the proverbial’s hasn’t it?

Not only do we have the Scottish media fainting like a maiden in a Disney movie at the fee, the Rangers fans are actually celebrating when at the first opportunity, their club have taken some cold hard cash for one of their top prospects whilst the man he was touted to take over from pushes closer to retirement age.

Great forward planning there. But then, that was never their strongpoint was it?

But, then as long as there is a good news story to peddle about the Ibrox club, the journalists in Scotland wag their tails and wait to be petted for their good work without question.

Scottish journalist David Tanner was all giddy as the news filtered through that Patterson was the subject of a £16m ‘deal’ with Everton.

Is it just me or does this read like an Oscar’s acceptance speech? Some great impartiality shown here.

Now that it has been realised that the actual figure is closer to £9m (which is still a good deal btw) the media in Scotland have just shown themselves for the embarrassment that they are and they are being called out for it:

Yeah, it just doesn’t get any better for him either.

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