“Imagine quoting Scott Brown!” – Brilliant reply as Sevco fan makes incredible Edouard claim

These peepul are hilarious.

I genuinely believe they just make up random numbers just to make themselves feel better, or superior or whatever the hell it is that makes them sleep better at night.

And this current transfer of Nathan Patterson really has woken up the dumbest of their fanbase. The usual suspects of Joe Black and Heart & Hand have chipped in with their Sevco calculator’s as they work out how much money they are set to make from the deal.

But I’ve never actually witnessed anyone try and use it on Celtic transfers to try and downsize transfer figures that have actually appeared on Celtic’s accounts.

Yeah, I know! They are mental! But take a look at this:

I should have stopped reading when it said £16m, but I genuinely wonder what goes through their heads when they come up with this garbage.

Now, to create an argument, you need to present facts and figures that back up your point of view and are sound. The only figure this guy got right was Ntcham and Brown but when did we ever try and sell Scott Brown for any kind of money? And where did we claim we go any fee for him considering he announced he was leaving the club for free?

What point was made here? Apart from the fact the guy just posted random numbers and at least 4 lies in one tweet.

They really are outstanding!

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