One single, but brilliant tweet from a Notts Forest fan triggered the Ibrox hordes

The *Rangers 150 year celebration tweet is a little embarrassing for the club.

For two reasons.

The most obvious one was clearly the 150 year history claim. That is just ludicrous and I’m not getting into that the now.

But the second reason is their claim to be the first European club to reach their 150th anniversary.

A simple fact check, Google search or having the smallest modicum of football knowledge would have stopped this tweet and saved them from further humiliating themselves.

But they don’t do fact checking. And the tweet incurred the wrath of the Nottingham Forrest supporters, who are one of the oldest clubs in Britain, but also have real, proper European history.

But one reply from a Forrest fan really triggered the Ibrox fans. It was simple. It was beautiful and the lady who sent it clearly done her fact checking because it’s true:

And my Lord, did this trigger them and get the Celtic fans going:

I won’t publish the usual diatribe you normally see from them on Twitter but a quick scroll through the replies will show that if there is the slightest bit of banter on social media they don’t like, they quickly descend into the gutter.

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