“£18m”, “£15m+”, “£30m+” – Brilliant Sevco calculator and Gerrard hating as player linked with move

They really are a hateful wee bunch aren’t they.

Not so long ago Gerrard was their saviour. Best invention since the flute so might have said.

But fan opinion changes and, to be honest, Celtic fans did the same with Brendan Rodgers when he jumped ship, but the sheer venom in some of their criticism can only be matched with the stupidity of their player valuations.

Bear in mind this. Kieran Tierney got a £25m after winning several titles and cups and proving himself in Europe countless times in the Champions League.

Glen Kamara of Rangers has done of those things.


But as soon as a team from the EPL is mentioned as showing interest, the Sevco calculators get bashed more than a drum on the 12th July.

Some of these valuations and comments towards their former manager is pure comedy gold. Enjoy:


This Villa fan wins the argument though:

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