“Do you think they are the only club pushing for it?” – Listen as Radio host destroy’s Sevco fan’s Celtic COVID theory

I genuinely still wonder about that lot. For a whole day they have been pushing a theory hard on social media that Celtic are somehow using the COVID pandemic to push for an early winter shut down so we can get injured players back.

It’s reminiscent of the whole Kyogo ‘cheat’ nonsense they were spouting weeks ago.

They genuinely are not happy unless they are hating something or someone.

But this new ‘theory’ they have is blown out of the water with one simple fact.

And it’s a fact they are blind to as it just doesn’t suit their argument.

But it was shot down expertly by Gordon Duncan on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

A Sevco fan called the show to cry about the winter being moved and, ironically, used sporting integrity as a point of argument until he was shot down by the host.

Have a listen:

Like Gordon, and many before him have been saying, it is not just Celtic that have lobbied for this.

And if I was a Rangers fan I would be seriously questioning why their board does not want them to attend games that they have paid for?

Is it because the money is already in the bank and they can sell PPV?

But then they don’t do critical thinking do they or else they wouldn’t be supporting a new club.

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