“Some banter years we are having”, “RIP this page”, “This aged well” – Celtic fans destroy twitter ‘Gone by Christmas’ Postecoglou claim

Many people didn’t know Ange Postecoglou as he flew into Scotland after being announced as Celtic’s new manager in June.

In fact, many pundits and journalists didn’t even bother to research the Australians standing in the game before passing judgemement.

Neither did the opposition fans.

But what was apparent was the disdain the new gaffer was being held by those same fans and I suppose that’s how rivalry works I guess.

But what is weird though is setting up a twitter account to try and get laughs out of Celtic after one barren year out of ten.

After just one season trophyless, the person who set this up must have thought their club (I wonder what fan set this up) was going to dominate Scottish football for years.

Funny how things work out eh?

Anyway. The Timmy Banter Years tweeted betting account SkyBet for odds on Ange being sacked by Christmas. Needless to say the betting company pied the clown but the tweet is still there, and the Celtic fans absolutely destroyed it:

And there are many, many more just like it.

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