“Pure undiluted rage” – Known Sevco twitter troll ruined by Ralston

I wonder if Anthony Ralston realises the damage he has done to the blue half of Glasgow.

I am genuinely concerned for their welfare as his 97th minute goal seems to have sent them apoplectic over the last 24 hours.

From Follow Follow to twitter, the Sevco fan hordes are screaming about referee conspiracies, the Celtic board to now the Boston Celtic’s.

Yes. That’s correct. The American basketball team.

Well know twitter Rangers village idiot, Joe Black, was so consumed with rage that he tagged the NBA side in a staggering tweet that probably wouldn’t pass for a child’s piece of homework.

Clearly broken by Ralston’s winner, the Celtic fans decided to do what they do best and rub it in:

And there are many MANY more like this.

Ralston not only saved the three points last night, he has actually broken a whole supporters fan base.

And it is glorious!

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