Heart & Hand make bold Glasgow Derby claim. Celtic fans tear it to shreds

You have to admire their confidence.

For all their bleating and crowing, *Rangers are still only four points ahead of us at the moment and when you take into account how we started the season and our shocking run of injuries, that gap at the top says more about where they are as a team than us.

With Ange Postecoglou only being in charge for six months, what he has achieved so far, and single handedly for that matter, is nothing short of remarkable.

With none of his own backroom team in place, Postecoglou has changed the whole mindset of the club. From players to coaches, he has got the buy in from everyone and he should be commended for it.

So that makes this even more baffling from the guys at Heart & Hand:

Flying. Yep. Flying.

Four points in the league and parped out the cup, but they are flying.

They should be MILES ahead of us. And I write that with no satisfaction at all.

Considering where we were in July, we should be nowhere near them at the top of the league, never mind being in a cup final.

But as always, the Celtic fans were quick to remind them of their over confidence in some brilliant comebacks:

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