“Tom Rogic must have died then”, “The dancing donkey” – Celtic fans pillory the Daily Records footballer of year rankings

I always find it hard to be a neutral when it comes to assessing footballer’s performances over the course of the year.

That and a shocking memory doesn’t help, but mainly because, like you, being a Celtic fan means you look at everything football related with green tinted specs.

For example, the best footballer to grace these shores in recent times is clearly Henrik Larsson. Some other fans of other clubs may say Brian Laudrup, but for me Larsson showed longevity and consistency whereas Laudrup bolted after four seasons, with his final season being ruined by Larsson stopping the old clubs bid for ten in a row.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this article.

Joe Aribo was named the Daily Records second best performing player of 2021. Some may argue it’s deserved, some may not.

But it was their choice of words in their write up that caught my eye where they described him as, “For a guy of 6ft 2ins, his first touch is like velvet.

There isn’t a player in Scotland better with a ball at his feet in tight situations.

Aribo could keep a beach ball off you in a phone box.

The Rangers star is this year’s No2.”

Strange that isn’t it considering Tom Rogic has been doing that ever since he arrived at Celtic. Granted the big Aussie hasn’t had the best year so on balance, Aribo probably deserves the award but, come on. lets not get carried away.

Rogic is twice the player Aribo is and has been doing this exact thing for longer.

But do the Celtic fans forget? Of course they don’t.

And they were quick to remind the newspaper of that:

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