“Aye, but Kyogo’s a cheat” – Celtic fans respond to outstanding Morelos video

We all know the debate (debate is a highly contentious take) about Kyogo and the accusations that he is somehow a ‘cheat’ or a ‘diver’.

We all know it’s a pile of nonsense but it still doesn’t stop the opposition fans spouting their bile on twitter and on social media as well as the pundits on national radio stations joining in on the pile on.

It really has been a shambolic two weeks and the narrative got so bad, Ange Postecoglou was asked about it at a press conference from the fan media.

We all heard Ange’s reply and he is 100% spot on, “I haven’t read it. I won’t read it. If you end up in arguments with ignorant people you’ll eventually become one of them so I kind of ignore those kind of narratives.”

Never argue. Just hit back with facts.

And this fact is a belter.

Here we have a small video highlighting the shenanigans of Rangers striker, Alfredo Morelos. And I have to say, even in this small amount of time, it covers hardly a jot of the amount of cheating and fouling this guy has gotten away with.

And i genuinely have a red neck for him. And the Ibrox support. I hope after watching this, they will hold their counsel, but by judging from the comments in the thread, we have no chance. So just enjoy these Celtic fans reactions to it.

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