“Lock him up”, He’s mental” – Celtic fans react to ‘madman’ Alfie tweet

You know when Ange Postecoglou takes his post match walk around to thank the fans and then gives that trademark growl and pats the badge? Yeah that.

And remember how the Ibrox fans barrage twitter with claims of ’embarrassing’ etc…..

Yeah, well all that seems to be forgotten now.

After Rangers 2-0 win against Hearts at Tynecastle yesterday, a video of wee Alfie walking around beating the badge, effectively doing the Ange, circulated, which in itself is no bad thing.

But when you tweet the video and refer to the Colombian as a ‘madman’ for doing it, you have definitely led a sheltered life or don”t get out the house much.

This poor guy decided to do just that, and my goodness, was he pilloried for it. Watch for the madness beginning.

Yeah, mental stuff right? Well I thought so as well and so did these Celtic fans as they showed their disgust at the mad antics of Alfie:

Yeah, madness I tell thee! MADNESS!

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