“Look at him laughing” – Listen as Alex Rae proves TWICE he is not fit to comment on anything Celtic

Alex Rae is the bane of every Celtic fan.

Talks nonsense at the best of times, but when it comes to Celtic, the guy simply cannot hide any of his biased opinions on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

In a week where he was one of the pundits pushing the Kyogo agenda (I’ll get to that shortly), here he was talking about the silent Celtic protest and just showed exactly how out of touch (if he ever was in touch) he is with this highly contentious issue not just amongst the Celtic support, but football fans in general.

This proposed protest is nothing to do with how it will affect the Celtic team. Celtic dropped two points at home to Livingston because David Martindale turned up with two banks of brick walls and and no strikers! To try and lay the blame for a poor result at the protest is just idiotic.

The second point was about Kyogo and this “diving” narrative that he has, in part, helped to create.

First off, his introduction to the conversation was as embarrassing as his input, but it was when Simon Donnelly was defending Kyogo and Ange that really showed Rae up for what he is. A guy who simply has the inability to be impartial at any given time as he laughs at one of the former Celtic strikers points:

Rae is as bad as former Clyde pundit Derek Johnstone. He should not be allowed an opinion on Celtic as a paid pundit if he can’t be at least professional or, at the very least, impartial.

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